Monday, September 18, 2017

Um Ano


Tuesday was day of emergency transfers we went to Lisbon made the switch and returned, we had a good start by running to the train with Elder Angulo´s luggage and making it by 10 seconds before it left!

Wednesday morning I woke up at 3 and my head felt like a pressure cooker haha it hurt so bad and i was up for a while in the night, the next day Elder Angulo was feeling a lottle sick to but that didnt stop us from preaching the Restored gospel.

When we arrived to Montijo we had an appointment far away but the timing didn't work out very well to go there and something didn't feel right about it so we didn't go, we passed the next day turns out it was a fake address so we decided to knock some doors we passed an apartment building 171. I had a prompting to knock it. We went to the third floor and found and taught Catia the plan of Salvation, the day we went there was her day off of work if we would have gone the day earlier we wouldn't have found her, milagré!

I reached 1 year on the mission preaching the gospel, it has been the most unique year of my life, leaving the family, and adjusting to missionary life. In the time I have been here my testimony and love for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has grown so much! I know the Gospel I preach his true.

I called Francisco to confirm an appointment with him, turns out i called the wrong Francisco, I actually called the JW Francisco that we met with the week before, so we found ourselves with another meeting with him, We explained the Book of Mormon how it is another testament of Jesus Christ and was translated by the Gift and power of God and that no man could have written it. I said, -Look this book is from God or the Devil. I want to show you 3 verses Mosiah 2:17, Helaman 5:12 and Moroni 10:32 then i asked him does this invite you to become closer to God or the Devil. The answer is clear, the book is from God not the Devil, Satan would not bring forth scripture that invites up to come closer to Christ because as the bible says, "A house divided against itself can not stand". I then said if this book is not from God it will be easy to find the faults so i offered him the book to read, study and prove to me that it is false....He tried to give us 24 pages of anti mormon literature, we tried to make a swap for it with the book of mormon, But he didnt accept it haha we ended up giving his the questions of the soul of the Book of Mormon that he accepted to read and we took the anti mormon papers. I skimmed through them and found it so interesting that people blast the Book of Mormon from all angles and reject it saying it is from man without ever opening and reading it for themselves. I later let him know that those papers did nothing to shake my testimony and that I know that the Book of Mormon is true.

Saturday we had a fast for the mission to reach 75 baptisms in the month of September, the mission has never reached it and it has been a long time goal, we saw many miracles as a result and marked Aurelio, a member reference who has been to church a few times for this Saturday!

My accent still has a little ways to go. Every once in a while people say that they cant understand me, so i decided to start playing the joke back, people like to practice their English with us (I can understand it) but yesterday I said that I didn't understand what he was saying until he spoke in Portuguese haha.

Até Proximo.
Elder Anderson 

  Arrows family
 Bye to Elder Alpizar 
 Welcome to Elder Angulo 



 Eu amo Lisboa!

This used to be a village 500 years ago

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dirty Trick


This week we had an interesting experience I talked with a guy named Francisco in the City Square, he explained how he was a Jehovah´s Witness but had interest to learn about the Mormons so we set an appointment and were excited because it was the first time we would teach one of them. It turns out he played a dirty trick on us, he showed up with his missionary comp also and instead of wanted to listen to our message they began teaching us...Trying to prove to us that we study the Bible wrong they threw a bunch of ridiculous points at us. We respectively listen to them then briefly explained the Restoration and The Book of Mormon and left our heartfelt testimonies with them. I took a few things away from our conversation. Primarily that they tried to persuasively prove things to us, while we teach and testify by the Spirit and invite people to pray about our message. It reminded me of a Bible Scripture 1 Corinthians 2:4  "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power". I know that I belong to the true church.

After following a prompting of the Spirit and a series of a few things happening we knocked on Vanio´s door he let us in and we taught him the Restoration, He was taught by the Elder´s some time ago in Brazil and was super open and receptive to our message. It was a miracle!

We ran into a bunch of less actives on the road this week a few of them moved her recently and want to get back into church.

This weekend in Montijo there was a huge Medieval Festival we passed it a few times they had a lot of things going on and we bought some Faturas.

Sunday we had a few opportunities to help people with a few things, we were walking by Irmão Pimela´s house when he had just gotten home from picking Uvas-Grapes. He had 2 huge bags of them, lives on the third floor and has a hard time walking, so we helped him carry the bags up to his house then he gave a bunch to us they are super good!

Sunday we unexpectedly recieved a call from the Office notifying us theat there have been a few changes in the mission and that there would be an Emergency Transfer, Elder Alpizar will go to Oeiras and I will stay here with Elder Angulo we will make the switch tomorrow.

Até Proximo,
Elder Anderson