Monday, July 9, 2018

The Music of the Gospel


A few weeks ago Isabella, daughter of Patricia sent us a message saying that she did not want to be baptized or doing anything with the church. Yesterday she came to church fasting to know if the gospel was true. Irmão João who teaches Gospel Principles taught about gifts of the Spirit and talked to her after about the Spirit. She called us Sunday Afternoon and said that she received her answer that the church is true and that she should be baptized! Such a miracle! she will be baptized Thursday!

I passed the sacrament Sunday. Fun to remember the days as a Deacon and Teacher. The longer I´ve been on my mission the more I have come to realize the importance and sacred nature of partaking of the sacrament weekly to renew our baptismal covenants. The Sabbath day is truly a delight!

Carolina and Beatriz are doing fantastic as new members! They explained to us how much happier and peaceful they feel after receiving the gift of the holy ghost. Beatriz has read to Mosiah 15, over 200 pages and Carolina has read about all the questions of the soul. They are awesome!

I went to Amadora with Elder Rogers for a division. That area is pretty much Africa haha so many people from Cape Verde and Angola and Guiné. Elder Rogers told me his conversion story 5 years ago. Pretty neat to hear. A pass along card of baptism fell from my Book of Mormon on the street, a man picked it up to give it back to me I told him to stay with it. We talked and walked with him to the chapel, he told us about the hard and sad life that he has had and we explained how Christ suffered for him and is there to help him through all his difficulties. It felt great to help him.

We saw "The Music of the Gospel" a mormon message with a few members including the Gois family.  Watching other people live the gospel and obey the commandments doesnt make sense until we individually and purposely stop and listen to the Spirit of the Gospel. "The joy of the dance will be experienced only when we come to hear the music

I love this gospel.

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson


 Elder Gois (Dallin knew him in the MTC and this is in his home!)
 (Here is Elder Gois above and below with Dallin at the MTC)



P-Day Excercises

Monday, July 2, 2018

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart..."


We had our last Conference with Presidente and Sister Tavers, they have been incredible I have learned so much from them, We had an hour question and answer time about their missions, then Presidente gave his last training about Trusting in God and his power to qualify us for this work by his spirit Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartand lean not unto thine own understanding." I am so thankful for them.

Carolina was baptized Thursday because that in her husbands day off of work. It went so well. There was a special hymn arrangement of "Come thou fount of every Blessing" with Irmão Rafael on the piano, Elder Webb on the flute and Sister Restopo singing. The spirit was so strong and Beatriz gave a talk about baptism, and looked like she had been a member her whole life. They will be incredible members. Luis and Marion are excited to be baptized soon after they get the papers to marry. Luis went from smoking 60 cigarettes per day to 3-4, 15 coffee per day to 0, never more touched alcohol and is willing to change jobs to be able to go to church all Sundays for 3 hours. Alexandre who was Athiest is reading the Book of Mormon and now has the desire to be baptized, but is still working on Sundays so it will be a little while longer. We had dinner with them all last night and watched a video about temples. This Family is incredible!

We all ran to the beach one morning, we could see Cristo Rei and the 25 de Abril Bridge. The river is really cool at sunrise.

Walking back for lunch from helping a member I stopped and looked at 2 roads we could go then Elder Webb said, the first door on the left, so we knocked it met Guilherme (William) and taught him the Restoration. Pure Inspiration. I love seeing the difference in how someone looks at the Book of Mormon when we give it with 2 hands and wait until they receive in with 2 hands.

Saturday we had a Sardinhada, Fish Cookout with the Ward And of course there was a projector to watch the game. Well unfortunately Portugal got kicked out of the World cup losing to Uruguay. On our way we felt to knock one more Door, met Elson, Rosaline, Asaf and their baby Isaac, a Brazilian family. We taught the Restoration and they all came to church Sunday! Imaculada, Patricia and Caetano, Luis and Marion and Beatriz, Carolina was confirmed and her baby was blessed by Bishop. It was a great Sunday!

President and SIster Tavares and back in Brasil and President and Sister Fillmore are here in Lisbon. I´ve heard great things about them and am excited to meet them.

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

 Thanks Alexandro!
 Papi e Mami

 My comp, Élder Luis from my 3rd transfer in Santo André, returned from his mission and got married a few months ago

 Elder Angulo my comp in Vasco da Gama
 Elder Rogers! A convert of 5 years
 Presidente and Sister Tavers
 ​22 months from the MTC to now