Monday, May 21, 2018

Festas do Espirito Santo


A few weeks ago I talked to a Spanish Woman in a car waiting for her daughter. She arrived late so we talked to Matilde for an hour and she asked all about us and what we do. Tuesday we passed São Mateus where they live and taught her family the Restoration. We finished the First Vision and she said, wow you bring a message of Peace. We then read Galatans 5:22 and explained that that was the spirit telling her that this was the truth. The lesson was super fun and spiritual and the house was super nice haha but latter in the week we received a respectful message that they are not interested in changing religions. It was sad to hear but we have to respect the agency of the people. We gave them a Book of Mormon and at least we planted a good seed for the future.

We have been asking the question "What is the most important thing for you in your life?" Most of the time it is family, but it makes it so much easer to talk to people and make an easy transition to the gospel. Doing this people have become more nice.

A member this week said, "Elders, how is it that you always have the perfect scripture for me?" Feels good to help people through reading The Book of Mormon.

André came to church, he is 16 years old and was in our class where we taught about gaining and strengthening our testimonies through Scripture Study and Prayer. It went great.

President and Sister Tavares and the Assistants are her in Terceira Island for a super small Zone Conference and will pass P-day with us. The Fiestas here are crazy there have been concerts every night until real late behind our house, luckily I can still fall asleep easily and fire crackers go off all day everyday. Yesterday a big marching band marched down the road close to the church. Fun Stuff. I love the Azores!

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

(no letters this week...maybe next week!)

Monday, May 14, 2018



I´m in Lisbon for the first time in 6 months to do Sef and I will return tonight to Terceira for 3 more weeks! I ran 2 miles in Benfica this morning then bowled a 105. It was so fun to talk to the family last night. Once again Happy Mother´s Day Mom and to Grandma(s) and to the other mothers! Your influence and example to me in life and the gospel have guided and protected me so much!

Went to Praia a day this week and passed the members, The members there are so cool. One has a brain tumor which has made her temporarily blind, Remarkable she is such a happy person. I finished reading "Our Search for Happiness" for the second time this week, the first time was in the MTC. It is a guide and invitation to understand The Church of Jesus Christ. Real and True happiness is only found by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A daughter of a member was hit by a car passing a crosswalk, and almost died, her head it pretty beat up and her body is bruised. They called us Saturday morning for us to pass by and give them a blessing.

We´ve had little success with teenagers throughout my mission, but this week we found three Simon, Diana and Ana who are open and sincere to hearing the gospel.

We have been working a lot with Lucia Matos, who had been inactive a while and now she is coming back to church! We will continue working with Manuel, Pedro, Nuno, Fatima and many others to return to full membership.

3 months left, time to give it 100% and leave it all out in the field!

Boa Semana.
Elder Anderson

 Built in 1682 The woman that saved the island from the Spaniards by letting out the wild bulls as their ship arrived lived in this house

Monday, April 23, 2018



Today started great with running a 10k, 5k to São Mateus and then we returned, it was super fun and beautiful! Then I had a good study of Alma 5.

Élder Payne´s joke: "Have you read the Book of Mormon?" other people, "We have a Bible and we need no more Bible!" "Are you sure? because you quoted it perfectly!" 2 Nephi 29:6 hahaha We see this prophecy fulfilled everyday.

Élder Payne was sick this week so I had a lot of time to organize the Area Book, and clean and study. It feels good to get that stuff done.

Paula said, "It just makes sense, this is the only Church will Jesus Christ it its name." Pray that everything will go right as she prepares for baptism on Saturday.

By following the Prophet´s counsel of receiving revelation my nightly prayers have turned into beaming spiritual experiences, I have been written all of my revelations down. The heavens are open, God loves his children and wants to talk to YOU!

Matthew 7:¶ Askand it shall be given you; seekand ye shall find; knockand it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

​My planners since i´ve been in Angra

Monday, April 16, 2018

Élder dos Açores


Tuesday I had a feeling to call Vanessa, an investigator that we had not been able to talk with for some time, She was able to met with us that day and I noticed a big change in her faith since the last time we taught her 4 commandments required to be baptized, If all continues to go well, she will be baptized on the 28th.

Perfect timing walking up a road an old lady was getting dropped us at her house with a bunch of groceries, we offered to help and brought them all in her house for her.

In Riberinha I was talking with a woman on the street, a taxi came speeding by, I thought man that is coming by close, then BAM! she got hit. Fortunately she did not break anything but the side mirror on the taxi broke...Crazy.

"...that we may rejoice in the great privilege of our churchand in the cause of our Redeemer and our God." Alma 61:14 I shared this will some members this week and bore testimony of the privilege and blessing it is to be a member on the Lord´s Church to have a prophet that guides us, the Book of Mormon and so much more!

With little priesthood the Angra B Élders, Us are the teachers of the "Rapazes" young men. Motivated being my "last" week in Angra in the end we reached ALL of our weekly Goals and Paula came to church!

I gave a 30+ minute talk in Sacrament meeting about the Life of Christ, the miracles, baptism, example, his church and the Atonement. I talked about the great experience I had to serve in Angra and how I got better on the Piano. I took pictures with the members, I got a few tear-eyed "thanks for how you helped my Family and our Branch" and said my Goodbyes. It has been a wonderful 5 months here on this beautiful island.

This past transfer was just 5 weeks, this next is 7 because of a Mission President Conference. I have 4 transfers in Angra and I will be, surprisingly staying for a 5th! More 7 weeks on the Island!! It was a shock to me, our whole Zone stayed put.

Até o próximo!
Elder Anderson

 150 steps


 Natural Mineral Water

Monday, April 9, 2018

Follow the Prophet

Bom dia,

At a Family home evening this week  Irmã Conceição invited a nonmember, Carlos,  to learn more about the church. I led the lesson talking about how the plan of Salvation is written in the Bible but cleared up in the Book of Mormon. We watched "Finding Happiness" and President Thomas S. Monson´s talk from April 2017 conference "The power of the Book of Mormon" and testified about the power of the Book of Mormon to make us better people in every aspect. I have read the Book of Mormon 4 times, and as a zone we are reading it before the end of the transfer and in my studies I have been studying one of the questions of the soul chapters. I love the Book of Mormon and know without a doubt that is it true.

I flew for a 4th time to Ponta Delgada for Zone Conference, that morning I and Elder Lofthouse woke up early and had a beautiful 4 mile run through the city and on a bike path close to the beach. At Zone conference I learned about doing the work for the right motives, how to strengthen the invite to be baptized, ways to strengthen the date for baptism for investigators through members and President spoke about how making sacrifices and always leaving the comfort zone leads us to being touched by the power of the Holy Ghost, completely converting us to the Gospel with no desire to every go back. The Azores are the best!!

After downloading all of general conference last week, I have been listening to the talks through the week preparing for the day, during lunch and at night. And applying the teaching in my life, Every night I have been recording the impressions and revelations that I receive during my prayers and the Prophet counseled to do. I know that President Russell M. Nelson is the Prophet of God here on earth and that by following his counsels we will become closer to God and the Savior.

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

(No pictures this week...)

Monday, April 2, 2018

“He Is Not Here, for He Is Risen”


Divisions with the Zone Leaders- Elder Birt went with us and we taught a few great lessons to Barbara and Tresa. Teaching Catholics about the Apostasy and the Restoration reminds me of  Gérald Caussé´s Quote from conference, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not just look exactly like the church of Christ that he established, but it IS the Church of Jesus Christ that he established restored to the earth."

We have Family Home evenings weekly with the members here, Elder Birt did an activity writing on about 20 pieces of paper physical things from a house, car, phone to spiritual things like a perfect knowledge and understanding of the Bible and testimony of the Restoration. 3 out at a time and everyone had to choose which 3 would stay every time. In the end the Testimony of the Restoration was the thing everyone found most important, and them explained how all the other 20+ things, perfect understanding of the bible, family eternal until all the material things will come as blessings from having a testimony of the Restored Gospel and living the commandments.

I have been doing a deeper study of the Atonement and the events in Gethsemane- pretty interesting, the more I study the more my gratitude for Christ and testimony grows.

This General Conference was my favorite. I looked in the talks for the Doctrine, Invite and Promised blessing, that Elder Bednar explained when I was in the MTC It is very cool to find them in the talks. After Elder Dale G Renlund´s talk I am so excited to do Family History and temple work, those blessing that he listed were incredible. Elder Gong and Soares will be incredible Apostles, I met Elder Soares a year ago as he passed and trained our mission I have shook hands with 3 Apostles, Elder´s Holland, Andersen and Soares. Pretty neat. I loved the talks about Love, Forgiveness magnifying our callings. and the respect the brethren have for President Nelson. I know he is a prophet of God.

The Gospel is Restored, The Church is true, Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I know this is true.

Elder Anderson

 Angra is the best
 We met Deshon on the road, he invited us to his basketball game, we passed by for 20 minutes and saw him drain a 3 pointer