Monday, February 12, 2018



Margarida is progressing well and has now accepted baptism, but she was sick yesterday so she was not able to attend church.

We met a man named Fouad from Morocco who just speaks English, I explained what we did as missionaries and about the Book of Mormon, and later passed his dentist office to give him one.

Élder Smith, President's assistant, once told us that the Lord watches us at 3 o´clock, the hour to leave the house after lunch and studies, and blesses us according to our obedience. Thursday we had to leave the house early at 2:30 for an appointment that fell through but going to that area, we found a potential investigator family and talked with a less active member that has been away a while and has a desire to come back. Tender Mercies from the Lord.

We had some extra time Friday night before returning to the house and felt that we should pass Irmã Lourdes, she let us in and explained how she had been praying for the Élders to pass because her computer wasn't working and she had lost the conference talk that she was going to teach about Sunday. So we were able to print it out at the chapel for her.

We pass by the "prisoners" many times every day, (the people that hang out at the bars all day drinking and smoking with super heavy addictions) We saw a man run out of a bar and throw up from drinking too much alcohol. I am greatful for the Word of Wisdom and other revelations from modern prophets to guide and protect us.

Carnival started saturday and will end tomorrow with a water fight haha its pretty crazy to see.

Sunday after church we returned home and began to plan the rest of our day, when I started feeling bad, I went to lay down in bed and was there pretty much all day except for throwing up, and going to sacrament meeting with Frank that night. I didn't leave bed until 10 this morning and felt terrible until I threw up again. I feel a little better like 70% now and hope I will be better tomorrow.

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Rock of our Reedemer, who is Christ the Son of God


Tuesday Élder Tanner arrived on the island, he is from Arizona and has only been out 3 months but already teaches and talks really well Portuguese. I am one day older than him, he was born September 1, I August 31 and because of the cut off with school, I graduated one year earlier and have one more year on the mission haha, we could have easily been in each others positions.

Wednesday we sat down to plan a family home evening activity with some members, I opened the scriptures in the Index to "Rock" and looked at Helaman 5:12, and was about to say my idea when he began to read Matthew 7:24. We then knew exactly what to talk about, building our foundation on the rock of our Redeemer, Christ the Lord. We made an example with house books made on "sand" and "rocks" and explained how reading the scriptures helps us keep our foundation firm. Marco said to me after that the message was exactly what they needed to hear that night.

There are a bunch of little "Fraguesias" smaller than cities around the island, that have hardley been touched by missionaries. Friday we decided to go to Fonte, we went to one road and in that 4 hours only knocked 5 doors and taught 4 of them.

Sunday morning I finished O Livro de Mormon for the first time. I love reading it and know the book is true.

It was announced recently that Upon the departure of Presidente Tavares on July 1 and the arriving of the new president, the missions, of Lisbon and Porto will combine and we will have one big Portugal mission. It won't affect me very much because it will be at the end of my mission but it will be cool for the other missionaries to serve  in both missions.

A few nights ago we felt inspired to knock a door and met Andrea, whose husband passed away 3 months ago and was left with 2 children. She has been questioning the purpose of life. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and explained how her family can be together again and be eternal. And she wants to be baptized on the 24. Please Pray for her.

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

 P-Day Adventures!

Monday, January 29, 2018



Wednesday we worked in São Mateus, had a good day there. At the end we were close to the bus station with 5 more minutes and we were determined to find someone to teach. I had a feeling to walk to a road then I saw a house with lights on and we went to knock it, and they immediately let us in, we just briefly explained the Book of Mormon and gave them a copy! Leaving their house going to the bus station, we got a call from a random number her name was Lina and said she wanted to learn about the Mormon church, that has never happened, Miracles!

We are working with Margarida, Sara´s Mom. she is doing really well and liking the Book of Mormon.

Francisco and Bruna are making progress, last time we talked about eternal families and this time they had a lot of questions for us and were anxious to learn more about the authority to seal families for eternity and how it is here on the earth. Families are forever, the church is true!

After talking with our Branch Presidente, An addiction recovery class has been started here in the branch, it will be a blessing for many.

I have been on the Açores for 2-6 week transfers and will stay one more with Élder Tanner. Élder Noad will return to Lisbon and serve in Tejo. I feel so lucky to serve here for another transfer!

Elder Anderson 

 Last District Meeting of the Transfer


 I am "B" one point below my highest score...



Monday, January 22, 2018

Conferencia de Zona


President let the missionaries see Russel M. Nelson´s message and the announcement of the new first presidency. Dallin H. Oaks will be a great counsel to our Prophet Russel M. Nelson. I found it interesting to see the media's "worldy questions" and the first presidency's Gospel responses and to see how much more intelligent they are.

We had Zone Conference in São Miguel, left on Thursday morning and returned Saturday morning so our work week was cut a little short. We learned about the power Plan of Salvation, Presidente and Sister Tavares responded lots of our questions about teaching it.

I have realized the of the little things of the gospel for example, a kid in Primary could confound a Pastor with the 5th Article of Faith. “We believe that a man must be called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying on of hands by those who are in authority, to preach the Gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof.”

Sara and Veronica are doing really well as new members, Sara has already read over 400 pages in the Book of Mormon!

We have been working with a few new members and preparing them to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, Patriarchal Blessing and eventually go to the temple. Last night along with the sacrament with Irmão Frank, who takes us for hikes on P-day, we talked about the organization of the church and showed how it has the same organization and Christ´s church in the Bible. Ephesians 4:11-14

Até o Proximo.
Elder Anderson


 Richard Nixon once stayed in this hotel now abandoned

 Sâo Miguel from the Airplane
 Falcon Pond (notice he's wearing a Falcon's shirt...!)

 The highest point on the island and we couldn't see anything because of the clouds 

 Under the Church in Praia