Monday, January 15, 2018


We had divisions with the Zone leaders, Elder Salmon, my trainer is one of them. It was fun to work with him again and see how each other had grown over the past year.

We have been teaching a few people from some of the other islands and hope that one day we will get a chance to go and work there.

It was pretty cold and rainy a few days, I felt like the pioneers haha. Thursday evening we were excited with 4 appointments, turns out all 4 fell through, but we were determined and found 4 others to teach!

We watched the Prophet´s Funeral thursday, what a wonderful life he lived in the service of others.

Saturday we went to work in Praia, we were a little late going to the bus stop when we saw the bus already leaving, fortunately it stopped at a red light and he was nice enough to let us on.

The Conference of the Azores District was Sunday, I learned and played 3 new hymns for it. We now have a new, young branch Presidente, Tiago who is super cool and our branch Presidente went to be the Presidente of the District. It will be interesting to see how it influenecs the work here.

Até Proximo.
Elder Anderson

Monday, January 8, 2018

Believing Christ


We have been working a lot with less actives and strenghthening them it has payed off as 5 came to church yesterday!

It was sad to hear about the Death of our Beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson. An incredible man and leader. We have a DVD player so during lunch we watched, "On the Lord´s Errand" that tells the story of his life, he did some incredible things and blessed the life of many people.

A member gave me a copy of the book, "Believing Christ" It was so good I read it in a few days. I learned that there is a difference between believing in Christ and Believing Christ. I recommend reading it.

We taught Marcia Silva who lives in Pico through Skype at a member´s house, she has read until Jacob in the Book of Mormon.

Saturday morning a few things happened with our plans and we ended up at a less active´s house that lives a good 30 minutes up the mountain. That morning I had an impression during studies that I should bring a Book of Mormon (English) with me. We got there and started talking to them and there aunt who is a member too and grew up in the US and hardly speaks Portuguese started talking to me in English about how hard her life had been and if there was any hope for her. I explained the Atonement to her and had the Book of Mormon and gave it to her! We left super late for lunch and on the way back we ran into Lucia the woman who found the Book of Mormon on the road, she has worked a ton for the past month and we hadn't been able to talk with her. It was a miracle!

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson
 P-Day Adventures!

Monday, January 1, 2018

They're Out There

Feliz 2018!

2017, the only year that I will probably ever spend outside of the United States and preaching the gospel has come to an end, what an incredible year it has been. 

A lot has people here make these fancy cakes for Christmas, a lot of our investigators offered us some this week and it was super good!

All the houses here have gas tanks, that we buy every once in a while, and to have a hot shower you have to turn the water on then go and start the water heater whuch is pretty difficult so these last few weeks I decided to get used to cold showers, its not that bad after exercises.

The mission call states: "As you serve will all your heart, might and strength, the Lord WILL lead you to those who are prepared to be baptized." Before I left to the MTC my Grandpa West told me, "They´re out there" meaning elects prepared by the Lord waiting to hear and accept the Restored Gospel. After over a year in the field and over 10,000 contacts, I never let back or doubted the promise. I talked with Sara on the road, we taught her a few days later, she came to church and made some changes in her live to accept the commandments and Saturday I had the opportunity to baptize her and her daughter Veronica. Their confirmation followed Sunday. Elects prepared by the Lord. Miracle.

The mission goal of baptisms has been 75 a month since presidente Tavares arrived in the mission, at the beginning of my mission we hovered around 30 sometimes 40, the mission had a 40 day fast to reach the goal in the month of December, generally the hardest month of the year. After church Sunday we had 73, a few miracles happened and by the end of the night we reached 76! Meeting the goal!

2018, the year that I will end my missionary service, return home and start college is here, I have goals and plans to accomplish the things I want to do before returning home, I am excited to give it my all this last 7 months!

Bom Ano.
Elder Anderson

Monday, December 25, 2017

Feliz Natal!

Feliz Natal!

At District meeting we did a soccer analogy and all shot 2 goals from long range and short range and compared it to the path arriving into the glorious waters of baptism and what we can do to help our investigators get there more easily. Before my first shot I did a squat to stretch my legs and heard a big rip. My pants ripped all the way down the back, more than 1 foot tear.. haha good thing we live close to the church.

The mission is incredible close to reaching the goal of the year of 500 baptisms and 75 for the month of December, right now we have 53 this month, to reach it it is critical that we baptize a convert in our district. We taught Sara and Veronica the Restoration this week and they want to be baptized! They came to church Sunday and loved it, the baptism is planned for this Saturday at 11!

Working is São Mateus Tuesday we felt that we should go to a certain apartment complex, we found Bruno who the Elders had taught 6 months ago and never returned, they gave him a Book of Mormon and he finished it in 6 days! It was a miracle finding him!

Friday all of our plans fell through in both companionship so we decided to go to a new city that we had never worked in. Porto Judeu and do a blitz with the 4 of us, we went there and had a great day of work, there are no buses that return that late so Irmão Frank gave us a ride back home, to thank him we went to Burger King and bought milkshakes.

My new organized studies have been great! It is so much easier to see what I have learned and what I need to work on.

The members here are so nice they have been giving us a lot of dinners and presents of chocolate and ties for Christmas, Angra is the best!

Espero que todos tenham uma feliz Natal!!

Elder Anderson
(No Pictures this week)

Monday, December 18, 2017

Organized Studies


We will start working a lot more in São Mateus, we returned there Thursday evening and taught 4 lessons, we left there at 9:30, (when we should return home) it is an hour walk but thankfully Irmão Frank was able to give us a ride back!

We had 2 days with a lot of plans falling, but we endured to the end and on both of those days we enterd a house and taught a lessons past 8:50.

Marcia Silva is doing really well, she is reading the Book of Mormon and has a strong testimony and is already planning her baptism when she come back to Terceira in June.

We watched the Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency with Irmão Frank last night, I liked it a lot and recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it.

We were returning from Praia and got to the bus stop at 6:55, the last Bus to Angra passes a little after 7 but I had a good idea of how to organize my studies and was so excited, I decided to take a risk and run into the store, find and buy a notebook so that I could start the studies the next day. For the 6 tabs I decided to organize it with: The 5 PMG lessons, President´s letters, Christlike Attributes, Teaching techniques, Deep Doctrine, and Talks to give in church (I will write or revise a talk every Sunday Morning for studies). In printed out a paper with some goals for my mission, 5 points of lessons that I will study deeply, 3 techniques of teaching, 1 Christlike attribute, 3 letters from President, a chapter in the Book of Mormon to study and practices to do teaching. It is and will be awesome!!

Até Proximo.
Elder Anderson

 Organized studies

 Irmão Frank´s old House

 Wild bulls for street fights

 Sulfur gas leaving the Earth