Monday, October 9, 2017

Package and Oriente


I received my package this week when we passed the office for interviews. After that we spent some time at the Afondega getting checked out by the government, haha. The church throughout all Europe has been having a hard time sending packages and supplies through the mail recently. I was excited to get the letters, candy, football and GPS watch. I have been curious to know how much we walk daily so Thursday I wore it, it was a day with a lot of appointments falling through so w walked a ton 4 miles in the morning 10-1 p.m. and 5.5 in the afternoon, 3-9:30. I also ran 2.5 miles that morning haha! A lot of work for my legs everyday. 

Leaving a lesson with a recent convert we ran into Sandro at a corner who we had talked with a few weeks ago we walked to the chapel showed him around and taught him the plan of Salvation.

I gave out a few Book of Mormons this week, the 2 with the most interest: An Angolan named Antonio in Barreiro after district meeting, and the other Jessica who is evangelical. When I offered it to her she said I would love to read it but I don't have any money. She was happy to hear my response when I said the word of God is not for sale. 

We had a good week with 13 lessons and 6 new investigators, this week we will work to achieve the standard of excelence in the mission 15 lessons and 10 novos.

I was Studying the Bible this week and liked what I was reading but I just felt, man this just feels incomplete. Thank goodness our loving Heavenly Father gave us more scriptures to guide us in this life. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and Doctrine of Covenants which gives us the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Até Proximo.
Elder Anderson


 Package from home

Monday, October 2, 2017

Milagre do Conferencia


We ran out of pass along cards this week we had given out a lot recently, I realized that frequently the cards took the place of my personal testimony and so now without them I have had more opportunities to share my testimony with others in contacts, it feels a lot better.

I had a weird sickness this week thanks to some medicine that Elder Angulo let me take I was able to work normally, should be 100% this week.

We had a miracle happen with General Conference, I gave an invite to the conference to a velhota-old woman and explained a little about it. I forgot about talking with her and our success with old people was not very good so for the rest of the week we talked with them a lot less. Well I was wrong haha, Maria showed up to Sunday Morning conference and brought a friend, Fatima and now wants to learn more about the church and attend sacrament meeting next week!

Last night we were going to pass a family, and decided to go a different way than usual, turns out we found them in a park and were able to teach them there (we wouldn't have found them if we had gone the other way) the Dad, Steffon, was anxious to start reading the Book of Mormon!

We watched the morning sessions live at 5 in the afternoon here then priesthood Sunday morning and we still have not seen the last session. I loved how the plan of Salvation and the infinite light of Christ were focused on and how President Uchdorf and Elder Zwick talked about yielding ourselves to the Lord and looking at the world as he does and when we do this the world will change for us. And how Elder Cook talked about how this life is a "British Summer", it's interesting to think of this life like that. It was cool seeing Elder Zwick speak after meeting him when he set apart my Dad 2 years ago. I have known or met a speaker from the last 3 general conferences, Elder Soares in April and Bishop Davies last year. I have been out for 3 General Conferences and have one more as a missionary.

I am working on memorizing scriptures recently and have written many scriptures on the bathroom mirror. I have memorized Ether 12:27 and D&C 12:24 are a couple of them.

Até Proximo,
Elder Anderson 

  New Agenda. I have received a lot of comments about this painting of Christ, a old woman took it out of my hands and kissed it, haha.

Old Agenda


 Life savers
Shopping made easy, returning to the house anyways

Monday, September 25, 2017

Transferencia 9º


This week we had divisions, I went with Elder Fogg, my good friend from EFY a few years ago. It was super fun to serve together for a day.

One night Elder Angulo contacted a lady and she said that she already knew the Elders and made dinner for them one time, Elder Angulo jokingly said when are you going to make dinner for us? A few days later we had a 5 star Brazilian meal with her family,  it was super good! We taught them the Restoration after.

I have been a little sick the past few weeks never got the flu but had a lot of symptoms, had an achy body real bad for a few days, congestion, cough fever and all that fun stuff fortunately I am feeling better now.

This week we learned that the long hard and hot days pay off, I contacted Guida and she said that she always saw us walking the road and thought it was unique that there are so many young adults like us that come to Portugal to teach people about God, and she always had interest to know what we teach people. We passed a few days later and she graciously accepted a Book of Mormon.

We helped teach Johnny, a deacon in the branch, with his English. It was the first time I had taught English to anyone its getting weirder and weirder to speak. I am really trying now to focus on really learning Portuguese, I have a "missionary vocabulary" but now I am working on perfecting a lot of grammar and learning new words everyday, even writing in my journal in Portuguese. It will be funny to see me lose more of my English.

Another transfer down I am now entering my 9/16 in field transfers Crazy! Elder Angulo and I will both be staying in Vasco da Gama.

Até Proximo. 
Elder Anderson

Division with Elder Fogg

 Area Book- Bairro Esteval: "the majority of the houses are secure but there are gypsies that already tried to kill the Elders because of the assaults done by Brazilians" Don´t worry I´m safe


 You cant see it very well but it is an old well and beneath this glass drops down 20 feet