Monday, December 4, 2017

Be A Light to the World


Tuesday we walked an hour to São Mateus to do some finding, turns out we just had to knock 3 doors to reach our goal of 2 lessons on the day.

Wednesday Fatima, a member, called us and said "Sorry I have a friend here that wants to hear about the Book of Mormon, can you come teach here?" It was perfect because our other appointment had fallen through. Her name is Marcia Silva and she is from the Fraquasia São Pedro, Pico Island, (Probably a distant relative of Ed Silva) Crazy. She is awesome, loves the book of Mormon, came to church and wants to be baptized, but she returned to Pico last night, hopefully the church will open there soon!

Friday was a rough day with 5 of our investigators falling through, 4 of then that we thought for sure would be baptized in the future, It was 9:20, we still hadn't taught and we started heading back to the house when I had a feeling to knock a door we net and taught Laura who is super cool and has a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon. Faith Brings Miracles! 

Saturday we were knocking some doors in Angra and ended up knocking on the door of a Evangelical Pastor (for over 20 years) named Carlos who we had talked to some time ago, he invited us in and we had a long discussion about a lot of doctrine points, I then asked him what he thought about the Church of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, I testified of the truthfulness of these things then looked at him in the eyes and I said, "Carlos, do you have enough Faith to ask God if the Church of Jesus Christ is restored on the earth?" A nervous look came across his face then an avoided response. We helped him download the Gospel Library app on his Ipad to read the Book of Mormon. who knows for the future, a little humility and the Lord could have an incredible leader in his church.

If you haven't already I recommend seeing the "Be the light of the World" Video on Mormon.Org it is incredible and will bring the spirit of Christmas in your home. We have been showing it to a lot of people here.

Depending on weather we will go hike a super awesome trail or go to an underground volcano for P-day!

Boa Semana!
Elder Anderson

 Our Picture for the missions Christmas Slide Show

 Garden Library

 A drive with Irmão Frank!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Another Week on the Island


Wednesday we went to Porto Judeu on a bus, another city to pass a member family. Turns out we took the wrong bus than went down to the city instead of to the top, haha. We had an hour walk up the mountain on a little dark road with cows on both sides and eventually got there.

I made a list of the Former Investigators by areas in the city. It's super useful to have. We have been doing a lot of area book cleaning and organizing too.

I found a bunch of my mission President's weekly letters over the past few months so I have been reading, studying and in my´study journal writing a few of the principles that he wrote then below the promise that he gives us when we do these things. It´s been great and I am excited to study more this week!

Lucia came to church and loved it, after we passed by taught the Word of Wisdom and made a baptismal calendar for her, she has been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and has a testimony of it. She said, "I have been smoking and drinking coffee for 10 years, but I will stop both this week because I want to be ready for baptism. She showed us a Jehovah Witness´s Bible that she had been reading for a while, but we explained that it wasn´t really the bible, the scriptures were changed so much that it wasn't accepted to be the Bible so it just says, Sacred Scriptures. Then we read a few scriptures from Elder Noad´s Bible and looked to her JW bible and those verses were not there. She then told her son to put it in the trash haha

Sunday night we were about to go back to the church to have a little Sacrament meeting for a member who can't make it in the mornings because of work. I said let's just knock this door, teach whoever is in there and then go to the chapel. We knocked, Grace opened the door, we entered and taught her the Restoration and left a Book of Mormon, then returned to the chapel.

Até Proximo.
Elder Anderson

(No pictures this week, but there should be lots next week hopefully!)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Semana de Milagres


This was the best working week I had had on my mission. We finished with 14 lessons, 10 new investigators and 4 marked for baptism. It was incredible, the mission fast is bringing miracles.

The zone leaders flew in Monday night and stayed Tuesday for district meeting and divisions, Elder Zacheu followed a prompting and found Natalia who is elect and who we are now teaching.

The Praia branch is temporarily closed so the Angra area covers the whole island. Thursday we took a bus to the area, and began working, without any appointments we followed the spirit and taught 3 lessons and found 2 new investigators.

I gave a talk in church about supporting the leaders of the church, did my first baptismal interview and played 4 hymns in sacrament meeting.

For P-day we went bowling, played 2 games, the second game I beat my old record of 100 and got 136!

We had a lot of cool findings this week and I had a few opportunities to testify of the blessings that the gospel brings in families and that it will bring in the families of our investigators.

A few years ago on a rainy day a woman named Lusia left a grocery store and found a Book or Mormon laying on the ground getting rained on, she picked it up, looked around for someone that dropped it and ended up taking it home and started to read it. A few years later, this week, two missionaries felt inspired to knock on her door. We made an appointment for Sunday, taught the Restoration, at the end of the lesson she said, "Now this all makes sense. I know this is true and I want to be baptized!" It was an incredible experience.

Elder Anderson

  Lunch in Praia

I met a professional basketball player who is from Lexington Kentucky
 Defrosting and organizing

I am "A" it was the best bowling game of my life!

Monday, November 13, 2017



This week has been a whirlwind it started going to Lisbon on Tuesday and spending a few days at the mission office studying, playing piano and doing contacts because out flight didn't leave until Thursday. It was super cool because we had a devotional with Stephen W. Owen the young men's general president and Devin Durrant from the Sunday school board. It was awesome. The Durrants talked about teaching in the Saviors way with inspired questions and invited us to study how the Savior used questions to teach in the 4 gospels and 3 Nephi. Stephen Owen, who spoke at general conference, talked about the Doctrine of Christ and becoming converted to Him and how the mission is the time our our life to become converted to him and grow and change to become more like Him. I asked the Durrants what scripture they were each ponderizing this week then they asked mine i didn't have one but said that i would start so i choose Ether 12:4 to ponderize.

Thursday morning we went to the airport and when we got to our gate we looked over and saw The Durrants again, they were flying to Spain or France for more conferences it was cool to see and talk to them. Then I got on a plane heading directly for home got about halfway then stopped on an island to preach the gospel for a few months haha. The accent is different here its pretty funny sometimes. Casa is pronounced Caaaasa, they hold the second to last vowel really long haha.

4 Elders one Island. Terceira is incredible i have never seen anything like it and it is the first true island that i have ever been on. I have seen so little of the island but i have been totally amazed. There is one branch on the island in the city of Angra that is pretty strong, the biggest i have yet been in and has roughly 60 active members. And no one plays the piano so i will be able to play in sacrament meeting again! I played 4 hymns yesterday and it was super fun. I am glad for the opportunity i have had to get better at the piano.

The mission started another fast for 40 days we had ours on Thursday. That the night the Assistants and other Zone leaders were calling us and thanking us for our sacrifice, because they saw many miracles.

There are a good bit of tourists here i will start carrying a Book of Mormon because of all the English speaking Americans. We found a couple from South Carolina two times it was funny because they are super strong and prideful about being Catholic and tried to destroy our testimonies saying that the Catholic church is the same church that Jesus established and that Joseph Smith is a false prophet and this and this it was a little ridiculous. There are a lot of people like that that talk bad about the church without knowing much about it, they confirm the truth even more and the prophesy from Moroni when he said the name of Joseph Smith would be known for good and bad around the whole earth.

The people here are super cool i like them a lot a lot more chill and there are almost no Brazilians or Africans. Our miracle this week was Sunday night when our appointments had fallen through but we were super determined to teach a lesson before the week ended, so we decided to pass Dina one more time she said that she didn't have much time but we said that we would just explain the Book of Mormon for her in 10 minutes. She is awesome and was super anxious to read and pray about it. Her face just beamed and we explained and testified.

Até proximo,
Elder Anderson

 Bye Bye Portugal

 Landing on Terceira

 Our Casa

 This place is simple incredible I feel so fortunate to be here