Monday, August 7, 2017



After District meeting Tuesday I stayed in Barreiro again for a division with Elder Nascimento. We taught a part-member less-active family (the one that we found on the last division i was there) the restoration, when we got to the first vision the next thing we knew the Less active mom looked at her family and said, "I´m talking serious now, I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ, I can not deny the feeling that i had when the elders first taught this to me, I know that this is true." It was a really cool experience.

We taught Vlaviano, who i had taught on the last division in Barreiro also, on the last division, he seemed like a guy without much potential or interest who was just talking with the Elders for company, but this time he was different, a big noticeable change had occurred in him, he had quit smoking and had a real sincere desire to be baptized. But still had a few doubts about tithing, after explaining more about tithing and how no one gets paid in the church, the money just goes to pay for temples and church buildings, materials etc. and sharing a story about the blessings from tithing, when i was younger, He accepted tithing, and will be baptized on Saturday!

After our lesson with Vlaviano we went to the bus stop, it didnt come at the right time, so we waited 15 more minutes and thought we missed it so we decided to start walking, We walked a few minutes then looked back and saw the bus coming but we were far away from both stops, we tried to wave it down but not being at a stop he just kept going, so we had a 50 minute walk back to the house arriving at 10:30 haha

We taught Helder Sousa the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he has been looking for a change in his life and wants to quit smoking and drinking, After the lesson we took his last 10 cigarretes from him and he made a deal to stop.

Portuguese Roads are so weird, every City has the same names of roads, My first area, Sines, Almada, Montijo and Barreiro all have a bunch of the same names of roads. And the numbers are super confusing and skip around, one road in Montijo has Lote 11 then C2 then Number 59...haha its pretty difficult finding addresses.

Our Less Active work payed off this week we had lessons with Filomeno and Bruno and they both came to church Sunday!

I tried to prepare well for the sacrament hymn this week, it was a more difficult hymn so i pronted of a simple version online, I started playing but something didnt sound right and i realized that it wasnt the same hymn...I accidently printed off a simpler version of a english hymn that they didnt have in Portuguese hymnal...Haha I was a little embarrased

A few nights ago searching for a road we met a man named Rogeiro and he began talking about why there is so much confusion religious, the Jehovah witnesses, Catholics, evangelicals, Baptists, IURD, and 1,000+ churches all have the Bible and say they have the truth. How can anyone know which one is right, etc. We briefly explained the Book of Mormon, then marked an appointment with him and taught him the Restoration and explained that the with just the Bible any man can read a few versus and say this is the true way to worship God and he can create a church and that is why we have so many churches today, but With the Bible as one point, the Book of Mormon as the second point, there can only be one line and One Church and that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Até Proximo,
Elder Anderson

-No pictures this week...:(

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