Monday, July 10, 2017

Novo Area


Monday night we passed Diana, Katia and Frances I left with them my testimony that i know 100% that Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to be his prophet to restore his true church once again on the earth and that I know 100% that the Book of Mormon is true. It was a good way to leave Almada.

Tuesday I  packed up and left Almada for Vasco da Gama arrived here on a 45 minute bus ride (unfortunately they don't have metros of trains that pass here). The Vasco Da Gama Branch is actually in the city of Montijo but it is called that because of the Vasco Da Gama bridge, the longest bridge in Europe that ends here. We also have 2 more cities called Pinhal Novo and Alcochete.

The Sisters we emergency transferred out of the Area last transfer because they were in a dangerous situation The Branch is excited to have Elders again, A new ward mission leader was called on Sunday so we really have a fresh start here. With the White Wash we have been spending a lot of time with the Area Book and calling people on the phone

When we arrived we tried to call the branch president and set up a meeting with him but realized that our phone said, No SIM card, it had one but was not reading it, Wednesday we had to return to the mission office to get a new phone a 6 hour round trip haha.

Fortunately, the Sisters left the house cleaner than any other missionary house i have seen, such a blessing. Our apartment actually feels like a house instead of a missionary house.

Thursday we were looking for an address when we walked by a cafe and saw a guy hanging out there, We usually don't talk to people at cafe´s but his face lit up so i decided to talk to him. He said that he had met with the Sisters a few months ago, so we set an appointment with him for Saturday. When we went to see him we accidentally walked around the wrong side of a big fenced-in school when we realized we turned back to go the other way. When we were nearing up on his house he comes walking down the street the other way to his house, Perfect timing! We then entered and taught his family, wife and three daughters about the family the proclamation to the world. They are super cool is was a miracle that we found them!

Our Branch has about 40-45 active members the goal is to get it to 60 and become a Ward in a few months.

Elder Alpizar is Mexican and is from Lehi, UTAH he is the Mexican version of my Uncle Taylor. We are both super excited to be working in this area!

Até Proximo.
 Élder Dallin Anderson

Montijo- my new area


 Katia and Francis

New apartment

 Vasco da Gama Bridge

More Handwriting Sheets

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