Monday, July 24, 2017

Esta Semana


We passed a lot of Former investigators in Montijo this week, one of them was not to happy to see us, we just wanted to know if the person still lived there so after talking with him we knocked on his neighbor´s door they didn't answer then he came out and yelled at us like crazy threatening to call the police, we quickly left.

At Dinner with the Souza´s family they had a really good meal with Rice and meat and Salad. I ate one plate, thought i could stop here but it was good so i got another, then another then another then i was pretty full and just wanted to eat a little more, Then Sister Sousa said i will just give you the rest! She pilled on the rest of the rice and 4 slices of meat. I barely got it all down and thought almost threw up, haha.

After we arrived in Pinhal Novo we realized we forgot the map at the house...We decided to pass a member who lived close by to where we were , we couldn't find the address, so we decided to try to get a new map, we asked a lady close by where we could get one and she said the Junta Fraquesia (like the government for the city) is right there, like 20 yards away but it closes at 5, it was 4:59 so we hurried over there and asked for a map and they gave us 2! It was such a blessing we would have been lost that day!

After District meeting we had divisions i stayed in Barreio with Elder Brazell we had a great day and taught 5 lessons, he said it was the best day of work that they had had in that area for the past 2 transfers!

Saturday we returned to Pinhal Novo when we got off the bus and started walking to our appointment we heard someone yelling behind us, "Os Elderes!" so we stopped and talked to here she said that her family are members and that they recently move here from Switzerland and didn't know where the church was here so we gave then the information and they were so happy to find us! Then we taught Claudia the Plan of Salvation and Wesley the Restoration they both really liked the lessons and accepted baptism when they received the confirmation that it is true.

Saturday night in Pinhal Novo we had some appointments fall through, we had about an hour left so we decided we would pass some people that weren't home earlier. We were crossing the train tracks in an underpass when we saw a one legged man named Peter slowly pushing himself backwards in a wheel chair, I offered to help push him, I pushed him to the elevator then said where next? He said more then a kilometer. He was a foreigner and just spoke a little English and just pointed where to go but i pushed him for about 1.5 kilometers/1 Mile until we had to go back to catch the bus. It was a big help for him it would have taken him a long time to return home.

Até proximo,
Elder Anderson

 With Peter
 Games on P-Day

 District Meeting Egg toss
 Football during lunch in Barreio

When you throw the ball a little too high!

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