Monday, July 3, 2017

Vasco da Gama


After challenging Marcos to read and pray about The Book of Mormon and promising him that if he sincerely did he would receive an answer we ran into him 3 times on the road this week. Heavenly Father is telling him that the church is true!

Katia and Francis fed us Casupa for dinner, it is a Soup from Cape Verde it was super good, after we watched the Book of Mormon video of the Bishop from London and testified we marked them for the 22 of July!

Thursday the Elders of Miratejo had 2 appointments so we went to teach Tiago about prophets and explained that living prophets speak with God and receive revelation that will help guide us in our lives, we explained how Joseph Smith was called of God, then read the first vision, the spirit was super strong and Saturday he was baptized!

Elder Fisk had a baptismal interview in Seixal after as we were leaving and crossing the road in front of the chapel, Paulo was driving by at the crosswalk at the same time and said "Oi os Elders!" we had talked to him a few days earlier in Cova da Piedade, We couldn't believe that we ran into him there. Different Area. That day. That road- that time, haha!

With Elder Carreira we called all of our references, but Elder Fisk felt inspired that we should do it again, we found Diana and have taught her a few times, last week she read from 1 Nephi 8 to Alma 2 in the Book of Mormon! She is awesome!

After passing 30+ times over the past 3 transfers here in Almada we found a less active member, Rosalina in her house Saturday Morning, we couldn't believe it.

I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Book of Mormon, knowing that it would probably be my last week here, at the end of the meeting Gisela, our investigator went up to the pulpit and talked about the feelings that she has had as she has listened to our message and the testimonies that day and said "It just feels true!"

Elder Fisk will stay and train in Almada and will baptize a lot this month, I will head to Vasco da Gama with Elder Alpizar, we will be white washed! He will be my first companion that is younger than me in the mission (by 3 months). It is still in the Miratejo Zone and the Setúbal Stake, I am excited for a new area!

Até mais.
Elder Anderson

 Elder Haroldsen is going home tomorrow.

 Beautiful Almada and Lisbon

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